Our Technology

We can offer variety of solutions, depending on what you want.
You may need only the basics: a simple website with an ingenious design and CMS, very cheap but not sacrificing quality. In this case our fastest and cheapest solution is a very simple but elegant design and free CMS (for example, Wordpress). All creativity lies in the correct arrangement of blocks, colors, fonts and font sizes. Here we start from capabilities of CMS, not from your fantasies. By the way, most of the commonly used features are already programmed and included in the CMS or can be upgraded with plugins.
Another option is an individual project based on our research of the particular characteristics of your target audience in the internet. If you want your web site to look unique, friendly and professional, we can offer a range of services: from elaborated web site structure to a step-by-step design traced in detail (often, multiple choice, or concepts) and individual programming for the project. This category includes all flash sites, trendy sites, and projects with complex functionality. In addition, we can work out CMS entirely for your needs. Our prices here depend on your choice of design, number of pages with a unique layout and a programmer’s workload.
To begin with, come with your ideas to us. Together, we can find the best solution for you.


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